Friday, December 4, 2015

Learn Chinese with the News - China has new RMB banknote

This video will play 3 times. First time is only in Chinese, Second time with Pinyin subtitles, third time with Pinyin and English subtitles, I hope it will help your listening much better than before.

The news for today - China has new RMB banknote

Here is the subtitles in Pinyin and English

liang ge xingqi yiqian

Two weeks ago

zhongguo renmin yinhang faxing le xin de renminbi zhibi

The People’s Bank of China issued new RMB banknote

zhege jiushi xin de

This is the new

renminbi de zhibi

RMB banknote

xin de renminbi he lao de renminbi you shenme bu yiyang ma?

Is there any difference between new RMB and old RMB?


Of course

you bu yiyang

There are some differences

nimen kan

Look please

zhege shangmian shi xin de renminbi

The one above is new RMB

xiamian shi lao de renminbi

The one below is old RMB

zhege shuzi 100

This number 100

shi huangse de

is yellow

haiyou zheli duole yi ge anquan xian

And here added a security line

zheli duo le yixie shuzi

Here have some numbers.

haiyou zheli shi bu yiyang de

And here is not the same.



chabuduo danshi bu yiyang

Similar but not the same

nimen kan zhege xiaohuozi

Look at this young guy

ta na le xin de renminbi, hen gaoxing ma?

He has the new RMB, is he very happy?

 bu shi de, ta bu tai gaoxing.

No, he is not very happy.

yinwei ni zhidao xin de renminbi ganggang faxing

Because you know the new RMB is just issued.

henduo xiao de shangdian tamen bu renshi xin de renminbi

A lot of small shops can't recognize the new RMB

erqie shenzhi henduo yanchaoji ye bu neng shibie xin de renminbi

And even some money detector can't recognize the new RMB

suoyi zhege xiaohuozi zai yinhang na le xin de qian hen gaoxing

So this young guy was very happy when he had the new money in the bank

ta qule zhege shangdian qu mai dongxi

He went to this shop to buy stuffs

danshi zhege shangdian shuo, zhege, women buzhidao shi zhende jiade, suoyi women bu neng shou.

But this shop said we didn't know if it was real or not, so we couldn't accept it.

suoyi ta juede hen shiwang.

So he felt very disappionted

ta shuo

He said

ta ba xin de qian gei jizhe kan

He showed the reporter the new money

shuo, wo you  xinde qian

He said, I had the new money

danshi wo hua bu chuqu

but I can't spend them

shijishang, wo ye you zhe ge danxin

In fact, I was also worried about it.

shang ge xinqing

Last week

wo zai yinhang huan le yixie xin de qian

I exchanged some new money from a bank

ranhou wo qu yi ge shangdian

Then I went to a shop

mai dongxi, yong xin de qian

to buy something with the new money

wo danxin tamen bu jieshou zhe ge xin de qian

I was worried that they might reject the new money

danshi, hao xiaoxi shi

But, the good new is

mei wenti

No problem

tamen shuo , en.Kan le yi kan

They said en. They looked at it



xiang zheyang

Like this

suoyi wo hen gaoxing

So I was very happy

mei wenti

No problem



zhe ge jiu shi jintian de xin wen

This is today's news

ni ting dong le ma?

Can you understand?

- Update very Friday.

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I help you improve your Chinese by explaining news in both Chinese and some necessary English. I hope it helps a lot.

Teacher John,

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