Monday, June 13, 2016

Beginner Spoken Chinese - lesson 028 - how and how do you like

In this video, I will explain how to use “How to …” and “How do you like … ” in Chinese
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Hello Dajia hao. This is John. We will learn how to the following sentences in Chinese:

l         How do you pronounce …
l         How do you write…
l         What should I do?
l         How do you like…

Here we go

1.        Zěnme 怎么 means “how to”, it is followed by doing thing.

For example:
Zěnme dú 怎么读means “How to pronounce…”
Zěnme xiě 怎么写means “How to write…”
Zěnme qù 怎么去means “ how to go to…”
Zěnme bàn 怎么办means “What should I do?”. Bàn here means” to do something, to handle something”

2.        Zěnmeyànɡ means “how do you like something” or “how is/are …”

For example:
Wǒde yīfu zěnmeyànɡ?我的衣服怎么样? means “how do you like my clothes?”.
Nǐde ɡōnɡzuò zěnmeyànɡ?你的工作怎么样? means “how is your work?”.
nǐ zěnmeyànɡ?你怎么样? means ”How are you?”.
Jīntiān zěnmeyànɡ?今天怎么样? means “How is your day?”.

Thank you for watching, I hope you could join me for another lesson.

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