Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Listening with Chinese and English subtitles in 10 stories

The selected stories will not only help you learn Chinese, but to understand and know the culture of China as well.

About the course
As you all know, listening is very important when learning a language. Good listening habits help with word recognition and pronunciation skills for speaking Chinese.
I have been teaching Chinese for 10 years. During that time, I found that just listening to the MP3s that come with text books is not enough to help you become a fluent Chinese speaker. Some students understand that, and they try to watch news or TV shows. This does help, but not in the most efficient way, because there are still so many words and phrases you don’t know. It takes a long time to learn the structure of the language, the vocabulary, phrases and expressions without a native speaker’s help. Again, it must be said, without good listening you cannot speak Chinese very well!
That’s why I created these 10 real stories. Each story will play three times. The first time the story is only in Chinese. During the first play, you will listen, roughly know the meaning and pay attention to the parts you don’t know. The second play is with Pinyin and Chinese character subtitles, so you will find some words which you know, but did not recognize during the first play. The third play is with Pinyin, Chinese characters and English subtitles. In this third play, you will learn some new words you don’t know.
Trust me, after studying these 10 stories, you will have taken a solid step on your way to fluency. In addition, the selected stories will not only help you learn Chinese, but to understand and know the culture of China as well.
  • Students need to know basic Chinese.
  • Students must have learned at least 500 words.
  • Students should be on or near an intermediate level to improve their listening skills.
What will you learn
  • Improve listening skills
  • Understand Chinese culture in depth
  • Understand the word-building of Chinese vocabulary in a practical way
Who will attend this course
  • Students who are on, or near, an intermediate level to improve their listening skills
  • Students who want to know China and the language in greater depth
  • The stories are selected so you will not only learn Chinese, but also understand more about China.

Listening with Chinese and English subtitles: Chinese Obama speaks fake English

Check the script and explanation of each word here. You will find it is very useful:

Listening with Chinese and English subtitles: Work as a panda babysitter

Check the script and explanation of each word here. You will find it is very useful:
See what our students said 
    • Kev Johnson
    I find Johns approach to listening with subtitles more conducive to my learning methods. The repetition of the passages, along with the ability to hear clearly what is being said, and then to also be able to track the words being spoken, is a great help. Especially the pinyin!
    The variation in content of the stories will also provide a good insight to Chinese life! Thanks John.
    • Dong Trang
    A ten video course is perfect for those trying to improve your Chinese vocabulary on a wide range of topics. The speed is steady and clear with pictures and English/pinyin subtitles if you are lost. I would recommend for those of elementary levels to mid intermediate level Chinese learners. GIVE IT A TRY…what do you have to lose?
    • Marios Triviza
    good quality, structured course.
    • Martin Ljungdahl Ristare
    Good material for learning Chinese. I’m at intermediate level and found your videos very useful!
    • Paul Mckenna
    I have been learning Mandarin with John for quite some time and his course is very focused on everyday language and the support and explanations John provides is excellent and makes the learning process very comfortable and a very pleasant experience
    • Ozma Mcithwa
    Excellent bite-sized passages, perfectly suited to intermediate Chinese learners. Clear, even-paced voice facilitates understanding. Fills a gap for accessible reading materials in the Chinese learning market.
    • Kylie Sparks
    These interesting short videos are very well done. First you can listen to it alone, then read the story with pinyin/hanzi as you watch, and then watch it again with pinyin/hanzi and english. Very effective method.
    • Mandy Wilson
    I’ve given this course 5 stars and would definitely recommend it for a number of reasons. I’ve been learning Mandarin for a couple of years and I find listening the hardest skill to improve, in most coursebooks the listening exercises are really too short. In this video course the 10 videos are long enough (but not too long) and also interesting, it’s great to learn about life in China (I really enjoyed the video about making noodles, I might even give it a go myself!). The tutor speaks clearly and the 3 stages are really useful. I imagine I will use this a lot, and hopefully improve my listening skills.

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  • Lectures: 38
  • Length: 1.5 hours
  • Skill Level: Intermediate Levels
  • Languages: Chinese and English
  • Includes: Lifetime access 
    30 day money back guarantee! 
    Available on iOS and AndroidCertificate of Completion


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