Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Learn Chinese online with Chinese Teacher John

I am a professional Chinese teacher with over 10 years experience. Please feel free to contact me!
Do you need to speak better Chinese?
Do you need to pass the HSK exam?
Do you need to write better emails, speak to international colleagues, or attend meetings and presentations in Chinese?
Are you a beginner? Or you have to see your Chinese mother-in-law soon?
These are the skills and situations I specialize in.
Around 2005, I started to teach Chinese. As soon as I started teaching, I recognized that I loved it.
When I decided I wanted to be a professional teacher, I took formal classes at Dalian Foreign Language University to study teaching Chinese as a second language. After that, I quit my job and worked as a full-time Chinese teacher.
I worked for many language schools since 2007. During that time, there were many overseas students in universities in Dalian who needed to prepare for the HSK test. So, my teaching included classes to prepare for the test. At the same time, because of my seven years of experience with the trading company, plus having a marketing major in university, students also enjoyed my Chinese business class.
Since 2010, I began freelance teaching. I no longer work for the local schools as I can earn more working on my own. And, the most important thing is that I can find enough students to teach.
In our sessions, we will focus on the aspect that you need, with an emphasis on speaking. Our main goal is to improve your confidence so that you will communicate better in every situation.
Once you schedule your trial lesson, I will test your level so that I will know your level of Chinese before we meet. Then, during our trial, I will determine your oral ability and we will talk about the areas that you need to improve.
I have taught over 350 hours on Italki and got Rank 5.0 which is the highest.
I can help you with your conversation, HSK preparation, business Chinese and Chinese characters. Feel free to sign up for a trial class today!

'As always a really useful lesson. Your explanations of grammar are so clear!'
'It was a pleasure meeting John! I really enjoyed his calm, gentle and highly professional attitude. When starting off with our first lesson, he immediately started writing down the vocabulary that I could improve on, which is extremely helpful. He explained sentence structures and the meaning of words perfectly and I am sure to continue taking his classes.'
Kylie Sparks

DongTrang 张正东
'excellent lesson as always. I learned lots of medicine related new words today. I enjoyed discussing some of the problems with the medical system in china. John corrected and refined my sentences. I am able to come up with nearly coherent sentences (altogether my sentences are full of errors) I am able to make somewhat coherent sentences. : ). Slowly getting better. I wish I had more time to study and review.'


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