Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Interesting Chinese characters 手shǒu hand – 有yǒu to have – 看kàn to look at

We will learn 3 charcaters which are related to hand,
shǒu hand – yǒu to have – kàn to look at

shǒu means hand.

Please look at the oracle bone character. It looks like a hand.

Some words withshǒu
§      工(shǒuɡōnɡ)Handwork
§      球(shǒuqiúhandball
§      术(shǒushùsurgery

yǒu means to have. It looks like a hand with a piece of meat. Please have a look at the oracle bone character

Words withyǒu

§      钱(yǒuqiánRich
§      用(yǒuyònɡ)Useful
§      wǒ yǒu I have

kàn means to look at, to watch, to see. It is made of a hand and an eye.
The oracle bone character
Words withkàn

§      书(kàn shū)Read a book
§      病(kàn bìnɡ)See a doctor
§      电影(kàn diànyǐnɡ)Watch a movie

The order of the characters

Here is the video

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