Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Interesting Chinese characters - 朋 peng2 friend - 友 you3 friend

We will learn one word with two charcaters today, it is Friend 朋友
peng2 means friend

It is made up of and 月,月 means moon, but why two moons together means Friend? Actually this stands for the character which means meat. We use two meat to show the idea of 2 people being together as a friend.

yǒu means friend too. It looks like two hands. Please have a look at the oracle bone character

Even  means friend, also means friend. But when we use it as a word, as we say WE ARE FRIENDS, we will use 朋友,not just or, because we prefer 2 or 3 syllable rather than only one.

The order of the characters


Here is the video

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