Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Interesting Chinese characters 手shǒu hand – 左zuǒ left – 右yòu right

We will learn 3 charcaters which are related to hand,
手shǒu hand – 左zuǒ left – 右yòu right
手shǒu means hand.
Please look at the oracle bone character. It looks like a hand.

Some words with手shǒu
  • 手工(shǒuɡōnɡ)handwork
  • 手球(shǒuqiú)handball
  • 手术(shǒushù)surgery

左zuǒ means left. It looks like a hand with a tool. Please have a look at the oracle bone character
Words with左zuǒ
  • 左手(zuǒshǒu)left hand
  • 左边(zuǒbiān)left side
  • 左拐(zuǒɡuǎi)turn left
右yòu means right. It is made of a hand and a mouth. It means the hand related to eating, so it got the meaning Right.
The oracle bone character
Words with右yòu
  • 右手(yòushǒu)right hand
  • 右边(yòubiān)right side
  • 右拐(yòuɡuǎi)turn right
The order of the characters

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