Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Interesting Chinese characters cong3 from - bei3 north - bi3 compare

We will learn 3 charcaters which are related to people,
cónɡ from - běi north - bǐ compare

cónɡ means follow or from in Chinese.

Please look at the oracle bone character. It looks like a person is following another person.

Some words withcónɡ
     从小(cónɡxiǎofrom childhood
     从头(cónɡtóufrom the beginning

běi means north. It looks like two persons back to back, people will feel cold in this situation, and usually facing north is colder than south, so it got the meaning North.
the oracle bone character

Words withběi

     北方(běifānɡ)Northern part of

bǐ means Compare. It looks like two person are racing.
the oracle bone character
Words withbǐ

     比如(bǐrú for example

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