Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Interesting Chinese characters 水 water 川 river 州 state

We will learn 3 charcaters which are related to WATER today, 水,川,州。

Please look at the ancient characters. 

looks like flowing water. looks like a river. looks like an island in a river.
So means water,川means river and means state

Some words with shuǐ
         热水(rèshuǐ)hot water
         冰水(bīnɡshuǐ)cold water

A word with chuān
四川(sìchuān A province in China famous for spicy food

Look at this spicy fish

And you might know Kung Pao Chickenit is one of the most favourite food chosen by Westerners in China

Some words with zhōu



Here is the video

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