Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Interesting Chinese characters 白bái white - 月yuè moon - 明mínɡ bright

We will learn 3 charcaters which are related to SUN today,
bái white - yuè moon - mínɡ bright

We know means sun in Chinese, if you put one more stroke on the sun to show the light of the sun, you got the character which means white, just the color of the light of the sun.

         白天(báitiān      day time
         白酒(báijiǔ)       white spirit
         白色(báisè)        white(color)

月,doesn’t it look like a moon? Yes, it does! Let’s look at the oracle bone character 3000 years ago.

oracle bone character moon

         一月(yīyuè)          January
         一个月(yí ɡe yuè)     one month
         月饼(yuèbǐnɡ)         mooncake

=+. The sun and the moon which are the brightest stars in the sky, so we put them together to mean Bright. This character also got the meaning of Next.
oracle bone character bright

         明天(mínɡtiān   tomorrow
         明年(mínɡnián   next year
         明珠(mínɡzhū)    bright pearl



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