Monday, May 30, 2016

Beginner Spoken Chinese-lesson 027-could you give me a discount

Hello Dajia hao. This is John. We will learn how to the following sentences in Chinese:

l         Could you give me a discount?
l         20% off

Here we go

l         Could you give me a discount?
kěyǐ ɡěi wǒ dǎzhé ma?可以给我打折吗?
dǎzhé means discount. dǎ means to hit, to fight or do the actions with your hands. zhé means break. So it is to hit and break the price.

l         20% off
dǎ 8 zhé 打八折
As you already know, dǎ is to hit, zhé is to break. But different with in English, we say dǎ 8 zhé for 20% off, it shows you will get 8/10 of the price.

l         Could it be a little cheaper?
kěyǐ piányì yìdiǎnr ma? 可以便宜一点儿吗?
Piányì means cheap. Yìdiǎnr means a little bit. yī means one, diǎn basically means a dot. So yī diǎn got the meaning of a little bit. And when yī and diǎn were put together, you will pronounce yī in fourth tone.

Thank you for watching, I hope you could join me for another lesson.

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