Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Beginner Spoken Chinese - Lesson023 - some food in Chinese

Hello Dajia hao. This is John. We will learn how to say bread, egg, milk and other food in Chinese today.

1. Bread miànbāo
We say mi
ànbāo for bread in Chinese. Mian means flour, Bao means bag. Am I right that Bread in Chinese is a bag made of flour? Yes, I am right. So Mianbao, literally flour bag is bread.
As Mian means flour in Chinese, then we have word miàntiáo noodle. Here Tiao means strip. Miantiao literally is flour strip.
As Bao means bag, we have word Baozi which is another kind of common Chinese food translated as steamed stuffed bun in the dictionary. 

2. Egg jīdàn
In Chinese Ji means chicken, Dan means egg, so Jidan is basically Chicken eggs. It is very common we have duck eggs and quail eggs. Yādàn duck egg. Ānchúndàn quail egg.
We even have a kind of egg called pídàn. In English it is called 1000-year egg. You have to try it when you are in China. Anyway I like it.

3. Milk niúnǎi
In Chinese Niu means cattle, it could be ox, cow or bull, it is a general idea. Nǎi means milk. Niunai literally means cow milk.
We have goat milk too, it is called yánɡnǎi, Yang is also a general conception. It could be sheep, mutton or goat.

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